The Kadoelen pumping station was built in 1876 as a steam pumping station. It fell into disuse after the new Kadoelen pumping station was put into use in 1987. In order to prevent the building from being demolished, Stadsdeel Noord developed a creative plan for the old pumping station together with Bureau Broedplaatsen and presented it to Stadsherstel: a breeding ground for creative entrepreneurs from the neighborhood with workplaces and a stage for classical music eight or ten times a year.

Helena van Heel tells her story:

“When we moved to Amsterdam Noord, the old Kadoelen pumping station had been empty for decades. Such a beautiful building! Some local residents wanted to buy the building and convert it into living space. Very understandable, because the building is beautifully situated next to the water. Fortunately, thanks to the Noord district and Bureau Broedplaatsen, the old pumping station has been given a new lease of life as a workplace and stage for classical music and artist’s. And so the whole neighborhood can access this dream place! I never even dreamed that when we came to live here. I am very happy and grateful for this eye-catcher in our neighborhood. Every time I cycle past it, I look at it, this unique concert stage in one of the most beautiful places in Amsterdam North!”

Photo, Jeroen van Dalen


Here are some excerpts from the concert ‘Summer Nights’ in the Concertgemaal, on June 27th, 2015

– a warm, balmy summer evening…

Helena van Heel and the GoYa Quartet Amsterdam

Musical arrangements, Max Knigge

Wilhelm Stenhammar, I skogen (In the forest)

Ture Rangström, Sommarnatten (Summer night)

Reynaldo Hahn, Fêtes Galantes

Recording, Jaap de Vries