Reviews and testimonials

“[…] A special concert with the fabulous duo Helena van Heel, mezzo-soprano and Naomi Tamura, piano. […] They opened with the solo cantate Arianna a Naxos by Joseph Haydn, where both musicians gave space to the enormous expression that text and music ask for. Helena brought this exciting and touching story with clear diction and the audience listened intently. The following erupting applause sounded like a final applause. Next on the program was Gustav Mahler, Lieder eines fahrenden Gesellen. […] Again a beautiful storytelling and Naomi Tamura joined perfectly with her colourful and wonderful piano playing. After the intermission the duo performed Les nuits d’été by Hector Berlioz. I can only say: Do listen to these six songs in a performance by Helena and Naomi!! […] Our society is blessed with such skilled soloists.” – Dutch Lied Society

“Yet it is especially alto Helena van Heel who attracts attention with her intensely sung melody lines.” – Haarlems Dagblad

“Outstanding vocal play by divine songbird” “…It is clear that these songs are in Helena van Heel’s blood. Singing from memory and apparently without any effort, she performed them with both engagement and control. Her sound has the clarity and fullness that is usual for a mezzo-soprano, but is free of the murkiness one sometimes hears in a ‘bearded contralto’. Her production is stable and homogenous in all registers and in forte passages she does not lapse into an acute vibrato… Her sound has clarity and fullness. Helena has a rich palette of expression and she makes varied use of it… When Helena sang ‘My beloved is dead’ you truly believed her. And in the final pianissimo, when she sang ‘Come back, my beloved’, you wanted to do all you could to help her.” – Norrbottens Kuriren

“…and in the middle of them the beautiful voice of Helena van Heel.” – Leeuwarder Courant

“…like mezzo-soprano Helena van Heel in a beautiful passage. Van Heel’s final note, dying off to pianissimo, gained all the emotional loading it deserved.” – Cultureel Persbureau

“Helena van Heel’s interpretation contained finely worked details and a perfect intonation.” – Sirp, Tallinn

“I have frequently had the pleasure of hearing the mezzo-soprano Helena van Heel. I would like to say that both vocally and expressively she has a striking natural simplicity and purity that go straight to the heart.” – Rudolf Jansen (pianist, Lieder specialist)

“Helena van Heel, who with her pure, polished timbre had already given so much pleasure to those listening…” – De Stem

“…the silver voice of Helena van Heel.” – De Gelderlander

“Helena van Heel captivated her audience with her singing, which was without the slightest reservation stunning… The modal tonality of ‘Den signade dag’ had an almost mystic interpretation. The solos that she sang gave rise to a dream-like and intimacy that kept you under its spell until the very last note.” – Apeldoorns Nieuwsblad

“Helena van Heel made a deep impression due to a unique combination of strength and fragility. She brought out even the smallest details and nuances. This attention to detail could also be seen in her interplay with the ensemble. Her timing gave the music movement and accent. She brought together this impeccable technique with a sensitivity that was deeply moving.” – Brabants Dagblad

“…Helena van Heel shone this Christmas afternoon in Mendelssohn’s ‘Ave maris stella’. A pure voice, supple and perfect for this very special repertoire.” – De Gelderlander

“The one who touched me most deeply was Helena van Heel. A singer who manages with her velvety voice to talk to you deep in your soul.” – Apeldoorns Nieuwsblad