Photo, Gunnar Nordlund

“In northern Sweden where I grew up it was cold and dark in December, yet I still remember it as a time of light and warmth. Every house was lit up, whether you believed in the story of Christmas or not. All those lights reflected in the white snow, making it seem even lighter. It was something everyone looked forward to, at the end of a somber November. To me Christmas is about the scent of saffron, cloves, cinnamon, lemons and mulled wine. The little angels, stars and hearts gave the comfort of safety and singing and listening to carols completed the Christmas feeling. Christmas is about togetherness and world peace and takes us back to the essentials – the child in all of us.It is about those tiny, exquisiete moments, such as the second in which the photographer captured the angel of the northern lights as he took the cover of this CD. This collection of Christmas songs is from my childhood and later discoveries, often almost forgotten jewels. See them as a Christmas card for your ears.

God Jul!”




John Jacob Niles, What Songs Were Sung


Gustaf Nordqvist, Jul, jul, strålande jul