Premiere on Saturday, November 5th 2022, November Music, Grote Kerk, Den Bosch:


a music theater production based on the myth of Ariadne and Theseus

Composition by Willem Boogman (2022), surrounding the solo-cantata Arianna a Naxos by Joseph Haydn

Salomé Roodenburg – libretto and scenography

Zephyr Brüggen – stage direction

Helena van Heel – Ariadne, Kenzo Kusuda – dance, Fokke van Heel – Theseus – horn/bullhorn, Vincent van Amsterdam – Dionysos – accordion

Production Stichting Noorderklank

Poetic music theater about power, manipulation and love.

“Without monsters no heroes – without labyrinth no freedom”




Work in progress, here are some impressions:


September 2021                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

The performers of Een oog in zee (An eye in sea) gave a foretaste of the music theater piece that will premiere in autumn 2022. Een oog in zee is a modern adaption of Ariadne’s Greek tragedy, performed by a mezzo-soprano, accordion, horn and a dancer. Salomé Roodenburg wrote the libretto and composer Willem Boogman is currently working on the composition.

After experimenting with the first two scenes, they were performed in September 2021 at Factor IJ in Amsterdam, where Salomé Roodenburg’s exhibition became the setting for the story!


April 2021, a labyrint photo session in the open air (during the lockdown due to Covid-19)

Helena van Heel

Kenzo Kusuda

Vincent van Amsterdam

Fokke van Heel

The team

Photo, Sophie Kalker


The librettist about Een oog in zee:

Salomé Rodenburg about 'Een oog in zee'

The composer about Een oog in zee:

Willem Boogman about 'Een oog in zee'


Film recording, Casper Steketee


Painting, Salomé Rodenburg